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Micro-infusion and Trunk Injection
  • Micro-infusion uses a concentrated chemical solution applied by either a plunger type or pressurized gun.  A metered solution is applied through a rubber plug which remains in the tree or by a newer system through a small drill hole in the base of the tree.

  • This system is for fast up-take when the insect or pathogen is doing  damage in the tree.  Restricted use chemicals are often applied this way.


  • All the chemicals are immediately absorbed and distributed throughout the entire tree for fast and complete protection from the insect or pathogen.

Tree Care / Tree Doctor Services

Our Plant Healthcare Specialists are State Certified to apply pesticides.  We are trained in the safe use of specialized equipment to effectively treat your trees and get positive results.  Call us today to have our Arborist investigate your problem and reccommend a treatment solution to your tree health issues.

Macro-infusion and Root-flare Soil Injection
  • Macro-infusion is a method of treating trees that uses a high volume pressurized flow of a chemical solution.  It is like an IV for trees.  Holes are drilled in the root flare around the tree and tubes are inserted for the treatment.


  • Most effective way to infuse iron or manganese into chlorotic & deficient trees such as pin oaks, river birch, & maples.


  • Macro-infusion is best used for the treatment of: oak wilt, bur oak blight, sudden oak death, dutch elm disease, Japanese beetles, and emerald ash borer.  Best done for a preventative treatment.


  • Root-flare soil injections apply a high volume of chemical solution into the ground around the base of a tree.  This is a less invasive method that causes no injury to the tree.  The mod of action is slow absorbtion by the tree's root system so it is not a quick solution but when planned an effective one.

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Concerned About
Emerald Ash Borer?

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Broadcast Spraying and Drenching
  • Broadcast spraying is done by a high pressure nozzle on hose from a spray truck.  The target tree is covered or drenched by the insecticide or fungicide being applied.


  • Most commonly used for antifungal drench sprays on spruce and pine diseases, apple scab on crabapples, cover sprays for fruit trees, and insecticide sprays for Japanese beetles and bagworms.


  • Timing is the key for antifungals.  Early spring when new grow emerges is the optimum time.  Crapapple sprays come first and evergreens next and its all dependant on the spring and when things warm up.

  • Planning ahead and getting on the spray schedule is recommended

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