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New Tree Sales, Planting, and Fertilizing

We offer complete tree planting, stabilizing, and fertilizing.  High quality trees are selected from our nursery to plant in your yard and be enjoyed for years to come.  We have sizes from 5 gallon potted up to 3" caliper balled and burlap.  A wide selection of tree varieties are available, see catalog below.

Autumn Blaze Maple

50'-60' tall, 40' wide.  Dense oval

crown, ascending branches, dark green deeply lobed leaves, fast growth, drought tolerant.

Autumn Fantacy Maple

40'-50' tall, 35' wide.  Oval crown,  dense green foliage in summer, intensely red color in fall, drought tolerant.

Fall Fiesta Sugar Maple

50'-75' tall, 50'-60' wide.  Upright rounded crown, glossy leathery green leaves in summer, superior orange, red, & yellow colors in fall, rapid growth,  easy to transplant, resistant to sun scald and frost cracking.

State Street Maple
Japanese Maple
Green Mountain Sugar Maple

20'-25' tall, 15'-20' wide.  Pyramidal shape, ascending branches, medium green foliage in summer, buttery yellow fall color.  Excellent stress: heat, drought, salt, pollution, cold hardy.

10'-12' tall, 5' wide.  Both upright and weeping varieties.  Brilliant color year round for ornimental landscape focal points.

50'-75' tall, 35'-45' wide.  Upright oval shape, thick green leathery leaves, very heat resistant.  Orange-scarlet color in fall​.

Harvest Gold Linden

30'-40' tall, 25'-30' wide.  Upright oval shape, interesting exfoliating bark, golden fall color

Columnar Engish Oak

40'-60' tall, 15'-20' wide.  Columnar narrow crown, planted for the dramatic shape and foliage, red fall color.

Northern Red Oak

60'-80' tall, 50' wide.  Large rounded crown shape, red to bronze fall color, hardy native, the fastest growing of the oaks, transplants well.

Bur Oak

60'-80' tall, 60'-80' wide.  Rounded open grown crown, thick corky bark, dark green leaves, hardy native tree.

Swamp White Oak

50'-60' tall, 40'-50' wide.  Narrow rounded open grown crown, Grows in both wet and dry soils, yellow to brown fall foliage, interesting acorns.

Autumn Blaze Pear

35' tall, 25' wide.  Pyramidal rounded crown, white flowers in spring, crimson red leaves in the fall, cold hardy, good branch structure.

Patriot Elm

50'-60' tall, 40'-50' wide.  Upright, arching crown with a large spread, dutch elm resistant, insect tolerant, adaptable to most sites, moderate growth rate, yellow fall color.

Frontier Elm

25' tall, 15' wide.  Upright payramidal shape, rich green leaves ing the summer, red-purple in the fall.  Dutch elm resistant, small height for low clearance of powerlines and other obstacles.

Japanese Lilac Tree

25' tall, 25' wide.  Small ornimental tree, deep green foliage, loaded with large creamy white flowers in June and July, clump or tree form.

Eastern Redbud

20'-25' tall, 15' wide.  Upright form vase shaped, loaded with purple flowers in the early spring, hearts of gold cultivar features gold foliage.

Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry

20'-25' Tall, 15' wide.  Multistemmed spreading branch pattern, white  blossoms in spring followed by purple fruits, brilliant red-orange fall color.

Royal Star Magnolia

8'-10' tall, 8' wide.  Compact rounded pattern, multi-stemmed, pink buds open to white 4" flowers in spring, deep green leaves turn bronze in the fall.

Donald Wyman Crabapple

20' tall 25' wide.  Rounded crown, white spring flowers followed by red fruits, highly disease resistant.


Sugar Tyme Crabapple

18' tall 15' wide.  Upright spreading crown, pink buds and snowy white flowers in spring, rich red fruits.


Bald Cyprus

50' tall, 30' wide.  Fine textured foliage, deciduous, wet or dry sites, available in 6' tall weeping style ornimental or standard tree form


Techny Arborvitae


12'-15' tall, 6'-8' wide.  Fast growing dark green evergreen hedge, cold tolerant, fungal disease resistant.

Norway Spruce

40'-80' tall, 25'-30' wide.  Fastest growing of the spruces, Green color, needle disease tolerant, transplants well.

Concolor Fir

50' tall, 30' wide.  Blue-green needles,  attractive evergreen tree, disease and insect resistant.  tolerates dry conditions.

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